Effective nonprofit organizations enrich education, the arts and more in every community. Strong nonprofit leaders ensure these organizations can deliver and scale their work to create opportunities for everyone in Silicon Valley.

The Sobrato Center for Nonprofits, Redwood Shores, is one of three office buildings where the Foundation provides workspace for Silicon Valley nonprofits.


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Centers create stability in uncertain times

People around the world recognize the high cost of living – and the price tag for homes and offices – in the Bay Area. Although these costs could prevent nonprofits from locating in the communities they serve, Sobrato has ensured that many can work close to the people and programs they support. Sobrato gives the Valley an in-kind gift of $5.4 million by providing office space for 71 nonprofit organizations. These include human-service, education, health and other groups focused on benefitting society.

  • National CASA

    Finding Friends for 100 Kids

    That’s the goal of Child Advocates of Silicon Valley: to find advocates for 100 children in foster care in the Valley. A part of CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates – Child Advocates for Silicon Valley works from the Milpitas center, identifies these advocates and pairs them with children so they can take active roles in kids’ education and everyday lives. Advocates represent children in court to report clear, accurate information to judges, and they serve as friends and mentors to the kids in foster care. Working from the Sobrato Center enables them to collaborate with local partners and better advocate for local children.

  • Snap of A Lifetime

    Helping Parents Make Opportunity A Reality for All

    Parents Helping Parents works from the San Jose Sobrato Center where it focuses on ensuring that children and adults with special needs have access to all that Silicon Valley has to offer. Its work not only includes advocacy for children and adults with special needs, but also support groups for parents and caregivers, and information sessions (on health, education and more) led by professionals – all at its site in San Jose.

Participants in a Sobrato Center for Nonprofits training learn how evaluating data can help them improve the effectiveness of their work.


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Sobrato created the Building Blocks for Creating Impact series to ensure that nonprofit leaders experience the professional development that’s not always available to service organizations. Professional development is the core of the Sobrato’s work in education and nonprofit support. That’s why Sobrato sees the value in bringing nonprofit leaders together to learn – to address the region’s challenges together. Building Blocks content provides information and tools, including logic and business models, as well as guidance on evaluating impact. In 2015, 98 percent of nonprofit leaders who participated said sessions deepened their understanding of how they could make a difference together.


Collaboration and learning improve all sectors, and they’re especially necessary in nonprofits providing social services and supporting people. Sobrato uses space at its nonprofit centers to provide such services, encourage information-sharing and identify means for collective impact.

Staff at Rendezvous Café in the Redwood Shores Sobrato Center receive valuable training and earn livable wages.


Sobrato recognizes that a thriving nonprofit sector enriches the community and makes it possible for nonprofits to provide service and support that ensures everyone in the Valley has the opportunity to thrive. Sobrato covers office space costs at the three centers – located in Milpitas, San Jose and Redwood Shores – and nonprofits pay just a portion of maintenance costs for their offices. Rent-free offices make it possible for nonprofits to locate near the people they serve, meet with donors in professional spaces and provide stable work environments.


    The Sobratos’ work in real estate began after selling the family’s restaurant in 1952. Famed for fine food, John’s Rendezvous was the result of John Massimo Sobrato’s work in the restaurant business following service in World War I. The family kept the restaurant for many years, even during World War II when food shortages led them to buy land where they could raise poultry to support the restaurant. John’s wife Ann sold the restaurant for $75,000 when he passed in 1952. She then began investing in real estate, became the first female real estate developer in the region and gained renown as the Mother of Silicon Valley.


    The Sobratos’ roots in Italy and experience with hard work leading to success allowed them to experience the American Dream. Investing in nonprofits throughout Silicon Valley they create opportunities for other families to enjoy the same. The Rendezvous Café has a mission of “eat well and do good.” A collaboration between JobTrain and Calso, the café focuses on providing fresh meals made with local ingredients. The creators of those meals are low-income people focused on building their lives in the Valley. They receive training, earn livable wages and take steps on a career path that provides the opportunity to sustain themselves and their families.

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