Sobrato board of directors from left to right: BJ Cassin, John M. Sobrato, Sheri Sobrato Brisson, Bryan Polster, John A. Sobrato, Greg Avis, Sue Sobrato, Rick Williams, Lisa Sobrato Sonsini, Matthew W. Sonsini and Carol Larson.

Multiple Generations and Perspectives Strengthen the Board

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The Sobrato family’s commitment to Silicon Valley is strong – so strong that it recognized a moment when more voices would inform the Foundation’s strategic decisions. This year new board members from outside the family joined this leadership group to bring varied points of view and insight to the Foundation’s investments across the region and identify new ways to work toward impact.

Foundation board members have a history of promoting economic opportunity for all by supporting access to high-quality education, pathways to sustainable jobs and investments in social-sector leaders and high-impact nonprofits.


  • John A. Sobrato, The Sobrato Organization
  • Susan Sobrato, The Sobrato Organization
  • Lisa Sobrato Sonsini, The Sobrato Family Foundation
  • Matt Sonsini, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
  • John M. Sobrato, The Sobrato Organization
  • Sheri Sobrato Brisson, Resonance House
  • Bryan Polster, Frank, Rimerman + Co.
  • BJ Cassin, Venture Capitalist
  • Carol Larson, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  • Greg Avis, Summit Partners
  • Rick Williams, The Sobrato Family Foundation

John Massimo and Ann Sobrato with their son John Albert Sobrato


The Sobrato family appreciates all that the Bay Area and Silicon Valley have provided for them and wants every individual, and every family, to have the opportunity to thrive. That’s why the family invests in the place it has called home for four generations: to ensure that everyone in Silicon Valley has the opportunity to drive innovation and pursue their dreams. The family remains active on the board and in its commitment to quality education, safety-net services and career pathways.

Staff members from left to right: Tamara Radcliffe, Kenji Treanor, Viridiana Romero, Remy-Anne Viajar, Mara Williams Low, Saul Zevada, Kimberly Perry, Jessica Lazar and Rick Williams.

Driving change in the places we call home

Our team members are committed to making sure that everyone in the Valley has access to excellent schools, essential safety-net services and careers that can sustain individuals and families. With so much energy and creativity in Silicon Valley, Sobrato staff members commit to making it a place where we all have the opportunity to go as far as our talents and tenacity will take us.

Sobrato Family Foundation

  • Rick Williams, Chief Executive Officer
  • Mara Williams Low, Program Director
  • Kenji Treanor, Director of Strategic Grantmaking
  • Jessica Lazar, Program Officer
  • Tamara Radcliffe, Grants Manager
  • Maggie Hobstetter, Impact and Learning Program Officer
  • Kailyn FitzGerald, Program Associate
  • Kimberly Perry, Program Associate
  • Meghan Kinoshita, Executive Assistant


  • Remy-Anne Viajar, Property Manager, Milpitas, San Jose and Redwood Shores
  • Olena Randall, Nonprofit Center Coordinator, San Jose
  • Rayna Simpson, Nonprofit Center Coordinator, Milpitas
  • Elizabeth Zevada, Nonprofit Center Coordinator, Redwood Shores

SEAL:Sobrato Early Academic Language Model

  • Laurie Olsen, Ph.D., Director
  • Anya Hurwitz, Deputy Director
  • Jennifer Analla, Director of Training & Strategic Design
  • Patricia Delaney, Director of District Partnerships
  • Saul Zevada, Business Manager
  • Theresa Rossetto, Logistics Coordinator
  • Krista Kleidon, Materials Specialist
  • Abby Arrizon, Trainer
  • Jill Fraka, Trainer
  • Barbara Ann Genovese-Fraracci, Trainer
  • Laura Hernandez, Trainer
  • Anna Herrera, Trainer
  • Carla B. Herrera, Trainer
  • Patricia Montes Pate, Trainer
  • Heather Skibbins, Trainer
  • Jenny Ancheta-Garcia, Associate Trainer
  • Connie Jubb, Associate Trainer
  • Michelle Rosecrans, Associate Trainer

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